Maintain a Tidy Landscape

Maintain a Tidy Landscape

You'll need lawn mowing service in St. Cloud, MN

Every lawn needs routine care. Otherwise, your tidy landscape might turn into a wild jungle. Luckily, LB's Luxury Lawns, LLC offers lawn mowing service in St. Cloud, MN. We'll visit your home or business once a week to trim your grass and remove debris. We even offer commercial lawn mowing contracts. You'll get the services you need when you need them.

Consult a lawn care pro from our team now. You can call us at 320-428-5641 for a free estimate.

Don't skip lawn care

When you get a lawn mowing service from us, you'll get comprehensive care for your yard. We'll:

Trim around trees and plant beds, to add a polished look
Blow away excess leaves and debris, for a clean landscape
Switch mowing patterns, to make sure your grass isn't netted in one direction

You can even ask for aeration services in the spring. Make an appointment for residential or commercial lawn mowing services in St. Cloud, MN today.