Nurture Your Landscape

Nurture Your Landscape

Discover the benefits of lawn fertilization service in St. Cloud, MN

Lush, green grass doesn't always grow on its own. If you want a lawn that looks amazing, you need lawn fertilization service from LB's Luxury Lawns, LLC. We know how to make lawns in St. Cloud, MN grow green, thick and strong. You'll get an effective service every month to make sure your lawn gets the nutrients it needs to thrive.

Sign up for monthly lawn fertilization service in St. Cloud, MN today. Your lawn will thank you.

Remove weeds before they take over

What happens when vegetation starts growing a little too well? You love your lush lawn, but not the weeds that are growing in it. Luckily, we offer weed control service, as well. You can schedule your services once a month or as needed. We'll uproot the toughest weeds and prevent future growth.

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